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Our Story

Proud of our Heritage

We are a UK based converter of flexible packaging with a wealth of industry expertise and a rich legacy in premium aluminium based packaging materials.

We look back on decades of history with rich lineage including Star Aluminium, Alusuisse , Lawson Mardon, Alcan and Novelis.

Originally part of Star Aluminium, founded in the West Midlands back in the 1930’s, the company moved to Telford, the birthplace of industry, in 2015 and since this move, we have continued to grow and expand our portfolio of customers and products.

The company has now been converting aluminium foil for over 50 years. We are open -minded to the inevitable changes in the world around us and move quickly to adapt. Combined with the knowledge and experience we have, in both our processes and people, we have the drive to deliver innovations to make our products more sustainable for the future and help our customers achieve their goals.

Today, we are privileged to work with customers who are the best in their field, from independent manufacturers to blue chip multinationals. We have the utmost respect for our customers and throughout the business, from Customer Service to Quality, we are deeply committed to partnering with our customers, and we place customer satisfaction above all else.

We are so grateful to our customers for their business, their loyalty, their insatiable drive for innovation, and for the great relationships that we built over the years with the customer teams of brilliant, committed and passionate professionals. We would never be here today without our customers. Through their product knowledge, creativity and continuous innovation we are able to learn and continue to develop together, delivering on customer projects and allowing us to contribute to a more sustainable future.

We are deeply grateful and proud of our customers!

Our Values

Proud of our People

WZ Packaging is committed to excellence in quality, sustainability, hygiene, corporate and social responsibility and health and safety and they all form part of our core values.

Through continuous improvement of awareness, understanding and performance, these values guide our strategy to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and meet our customer requirements and expectations.

We understand that we have a commitment to create value for all stakeholders and constantly seek to grow the business through new products and markets.

Our growth has only been made possible by the amazing team behind the Company and we pride ourselves in our people, who are the most committed, collaborative, competent and driven professionals in the industry.

Customer Service

Proud of our Partnerships

We pride ourselves in our attention to detail,manufacturing quality and customer service, whilst providing innovative solutions that make us the preferred supplier for many blue chip companies across the world.

Our tenacious, dedicated customer service team goes the extra mile to help our customers achieve their goals, delivering proactive and immediate support where needed.

All enquiries acknowledged within 24 hours.

We engage with our customers to ensure a consistently high service level and help them to stand out from the crowd.

Great teamwork is our pathway to maintaining our quality and service objectives, working together towards a mutually beneficial partnership.

We advocate continuous improvement and exceptional attention to detail.

Our culture is belief, quality and fulfilment.
Our values are quality, reliability, ability to overcome adversity and exceed customer expectations.

We offer value-added supply services including R&D and technical support, graphics management, stringent quality control and vendor controlled inventory management.

We have a variety of supply chain solutions adapted to customer needs and will be pleased to discuss your requirements to offer a tailor made solution.


Proud of our products

WZ Packaging is committed to excellence in quality

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, performing extensive testing to ensure that our clients minimise their waste levels for their wrapping materials and ensuring the product is the most suited to our customers needs.
WZ Packaging produce printed and laminated foil and film products for many key food producers. In addition, we are a highly innovative company, focused on providing our customers with packaging technology that delivers a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

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