Proud of our Planet

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors:
we borrow it from our children

Packaging is needed to protect and preserve products and prevent food waste.

If we are to pass on a world with a healthy environment to future generations, we need to ensure the best protection with minimum resources and an efficient end of packaging life solution.

Sustainability is an integral part of everything we do at WZ, as more and more
we strive to meet the needs of our customers, the consumer and ultimately
our planet.
Flexible packaging minimises the use of resources and energy throughout the supply chain, enabling the optimisation of packaging functionality and the best use of resources. This has the potential to deliver considerable economic, environmental and social benefits and is often the closest to “The Perfect Fit“

WZ Packaging promotes the use of Life CycleThinking to assess the overall resource
efficiency and environmental impacts of products and packaging solutions.

Link to FPE’s Food LCA page

We are working with our Key Accounts and industry partners towards a vision of a Circular Economy , in which it is also crucial to develop packaging solutions which can be recycled as much as possible.

“The core purpose of packaging is to protect products, which in the case of certain consumer goods is critical for nutrition and health. In future, packaging will continue to provide appropriate protection while further decreasing its environmental footprint and effect on global warming. The packaging waste generated will be reduced to a minimum and its inherent resources will be recovered and recycled, without polluting the natural environment. Flexible packaging solutions, allowing the proper delivery of food, pharmaceuticals, and other essential products with a very limited amount of material used, will play a key role in accomplishing this vision.” ( Flexible Packaging Europe)

WZ Packaging are active members of :

Flexible Packaging Europe – Sustainability Committee

EAFA – Foil Sustainability Action Group

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